<Heisei no Dai Chokutou>

Production Process of the Heisei Long Straight Sword 

The ”Heisei no Dai Chokutou ( long, straight sword )” was made in commemoration of the 21st century, as well as in commemoration of the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

Kashima City has been known for its superior craftsmanship in the field of steel production and manufacturing since the ancient times. In fact, Japan’s longest straight sword (Futsu no Mitama no Tsurugi, 256㎝ in length) can be viewed at Kashima Shrine. This sword, which is a National Treasure, was made about 1300 years ago.

Begining in the summer of 1999, children and adults numbering more than 4000 participated in gathering iron sand along Kashima’s seaside. By May 2000, approximately 1,100 kilograms of iron sand had been gathered. 

Using ancient techniques and tools such as Tatara {foot bellows} Furnace, the iron sand was melted down and purified into a 150 kilogram kera (lump of steel ) with cooperation of Sumitomo Metals employees who have formed a Tatara Club.

In September 2001, Swordsmith Shigetoshi Sato of Tokyo forged and formed the metal into the shape of the long , straight sword.

The sword was then polished by Sword Polisher Takayoshi Yamada of Seki City, Gifu prefecture.

We would like to express our gratitude to the many volunteers who gave of their time to complete the “Heisei no Dai Chokutou”.

We hope that the “Heisei no Dai Chokutou” will be a symbol for world peace in the 21st century and that it will be treasured into the distant future .

Heisei no Dai Chokutou Production Committee